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It Happened in Victoria – Music Headlines of 2017

2017 was a rather rough year for the music scene in Victoria, Vancouver Island and especially music festivals worldwide. It was a year of...

News: Rocktographers Showcase Takes Hiatus

In post made on their website November 22nd, organizers of the annual YYJ Rocktographers Showcase announced that the annual concert photography gallery showcase will...

News: Tall Tree Music Festival Taking 2018 Off

In a statement posted on Facebook Wednesday November 15, 2017, organizers of Port Renfrew's Tall Tree Music Festival announced the festival will be not...

News: Rock of The Woods Going on Hiatus

In statement made Monday February 6 on their Facebook Page, the Rock of The Woods Music Festival has announced a "hiatus to reflect on...

News: Davenport Announces Indefinite Hiatus

Peter Day, lead singer of Davenport, posted in a statement made on Facebook Friday November 7, 2014 that the band has been put on...