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The Strumbellas

News: The Strumbellas Victoria Concert and Tour Postponed

In an statement made on their Facebook page, The Strumbellas announced their Canadian tour has been postponed. The Strumbellas were scheduled to perform in...

News: City of Victoria Accepting Musician Applications for 2020 Events

The City of Victoria is now accepting applications for their 2020 roster of pre-qualified, local musicians to perform at events such as the annual...
Zone Band of The Month- Shed Monkeys

The [email protected] Band of the Month: Shed Monkeys (January 2020)

has named Shed Monkeys their January 2020 Zone Band of the Month. Go to thezone.fm to read more about Shed Monkeys, see photos...

News: Copper Owl Under New Ownership

In a statement posted to Facebook, Copper Owl owners Renee Crawford and Jzero Schuurman announced that beginning in January, the Copper Owl is changing...
Keri Coles- Obit

News: Keri Coles (1977 – 2019)

Victoria concert photographer Keri Coles has died after battling an incurable form of non-smoker's lung cancer. She was 42. Keri was a professional photographer...
Unsigned Only Music Competition 2019

Adrian Chalifour and Layla Zoe Place First in 2019 Unsigned Only...

Victoria's Adrian Chalifour and Layla Zoe have placed first in their music categories for the 2019 Unsigned Only Music Competition. Chalifour placed first in the...
Zone Band of The Month August 2019- Diamond Cafe

The [email protected] Band of the Month: Diamond Cafe (August 2019)

has named Diamond Cafe their August 2019 Zone Band of the Month. Go to thezone.fm/2019/08/01/botm-diamond-cafe/ to read more about Diamond Cafe, see photos...
MRG- Atomique Productions- Capital Ballroom

News: The MRG Group Buy Capital Ballroom, Partner with Atomique Productions

Vancouver-based The MRG Group has purchased Capital Ballroom and have entered a partnership with Atomique Productions. The partnership announcement comes nearly two months after Atomique...
Zone Band of The Month July 2019- Trophy Dad

The [email protected] Band of the Month: Trophy Dad (July 2019)

has named Trophy Dad their July 2019 Zone Band of the Month. Go to thezone.fm/2019/07/01/botm-trophy-dad to read more about Trophy Dad, see photos...
Victoria Artist Spotify Playlist

News: Victoria Musician Curates Victoria Artist Spotify Playlist

Victoria musician Cody Rueger has curated a Spotify playlist featuring nearly 100 Victoria based artists and bands. The playlist features music from a wide...
Zone Band of The Month- Mad Mona

The [email protected] Band of the Month: Mad Mona (June 2019)

has named Mad Mona their June 2019 Zone Band of the Month. Go to thezone.fm/2019/06/01/botm-mad-mona/ to read more about Mad Mona, see photos...
Rifflandia Postponed

News: Rifflandia Postponed Until 2020

In a statement made on the festival's social media, Atomique Productions announced that the 12th edition of Rifflandia has been postponed until September 17...