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Concerts for March 2018

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BC World Music Collective at UVic Farquhar Auditorium

Amy Shark w/ MILCK at Capital Ballroom

Malevolents w/ Fractured Anatomy & Krypteia at Copper Owl


Bahamas at The Royal Theatre

Lost Buoys, (As The) Crow Flies, Cory Steiner Band, Makabee, Ma Fred & Arbutus Roots at Lucky Bar


Gord Bamford w/ Aaron Goodvin at Mary Winspear Centre

Soulfly w/ Today is The Day, Lody Kong & Uncured at Upstairs Cabaret

Caleb Hart & The Royal Youths w/ Electric Sex Panther & The Fernwood Coalition at Capital Ballroom

Cartoon Lizard w/ Smash Boom Pow & Steady Phase at Copper Owl

Hush Hush Noise & Wise Child at Northern Quarter


The Wailin’ Jennys at Alix Goolden Hall

The Real McKenzies w/ KEG Killers at Upstairs Cabaret

WiL at Oak Bay Recreation Upstairs Lounge

The White Buffalo at Capital Ballroom

Jon Fitzpatrick & The Whiskey Jacks w/ Dan Challis at Wheelies Motorcycles

Blue City Drive at The Loft Pub

Scrunt Brothers w/ Teenage Violets & David Chenery at Logan’s Pub

Peach Pyramid w/ Wired to The Sky & The Half Moon Shine at Copper Owl

Blue Moon Marquee at Northern Quarter

Redwoods w/ Chase The Bear at V-Lounge


Edie Daponte and Joey Smith at Beacon Landing Lounge

Terra Lightfoot w/ William Crighton at Lucky Bar

Chase The Bear w/ We The Few at Vinyl Envy

Hanna Epperson & Uschi Tala w/ Thelema Banana at St. Ann’s Academy

Big Wreck w/ Jesse Roper at Capital Ballroom

Triumvir Foul w/ Altered Dead & Euthanized at Logan’s Pub

DJ Shmee Jay w/ DJ Allsgood at Copper Owl


Hollow Twin w/ Francesca Mirai & Looelle at Vinyl Envy

Thelem w/ Mat The Alien, Colton ColtCuts & Outsider at Distrikt Nightclub


Fintan O’Brien at The Mint

Busty and The Bass w/ Pierre Kwenders at Capital Ballroom


Atmosphere w/ Evidence at Capital Ballroom


Alex Cuba w/ Alejandra Ribera at Mary Winspear Centre


The Dears w/ Lou Canon at Capital Ballroom

PARTY FAVOR at Distrikt Nightclub


On Call Heroes w/ Mystery Lover and Anchorage at Upstairs Cabaret

Wes Carroll Confabulation w/ Kubla Kalm at Vinyl Envy

FRASE w/ BOUSADA at Lucky Bar

Carmanah w/ Stel, & Dougal & Claire at Capital Ballroom

Non Stop Talk w/ Shepard at The Loft Pub

Master of Justice w/ Facelift at Logan’s Pub

Blackwood Kings w/ The Phonosonics & MYLA at Copper Owl

Slim Sandy & The Hillbilly Boppers at Northern Quarter


Edie Daponte and Joey Smith at Beacon Landing Lounge

Archspire w/ VULTURES & Parasitic Twin at Upstairs Cabaret

Fall Fair Car w/ Candela Farm at Vinyl Envy

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas w/ Coastline at First Church of Christ, Scientist

PIGS: Canada’s Pink Floyd Tribute at Alix Goolden Hall

Rip Van Finn at Intrepid Theatre Club

Man Made Lake & Lake Placid at Lucky Bar

The New Groovement w/ The Leg-Up Program, Father Funk & The Funkee Wadd at Capital Ballroom


Prometheus The Titan w/ Gerard Gianaca at Copper Owl

Nelly at Distrikt Nightclub


Pennywise w/ STRUNG OUT at Capital Ballroom

Randy Bachman at The Royal Theatre


Kim Churchill w/ Christian Hudson? at Capital Ballroom


Ora Cogan w/ Sussy & Re-Dress at Vinyl Envy

Compassion Machine, Maverick Cinema, Weak Patrol & Davenport at Darcy’s Pub Westshore

Tre Twitty w/ Tayla Lynn at The McPherson Playhouse

Shae Dupuy w/Theresa Pasaluko at The Duke Saloon

Audio Osmosis at Copper Owl


Elk Run & Riot w/ AZTEC at Vinyl Envy

Qristina & Quinn Bachand at Oak Bay Recreation Upstairs Lounge

The Cave Singers at Capital Ballroom

Kellen Saip w/ The Great Atlas & Whiskey and Fire at Wheelies Motorcycles

Fableway w/ Strategic Abuse, Hate The Rich & Capital City Stalkers

Mt. Doyle feat. Phillionaire & Orilla w/ Lasu & Moses at Copper Owl

Groove Diggers at Bartholomew’s Pub


Edie Daponte and Joey Smith at Beacon Landing Lounge

Cookeilidh at Six Mile Pub

Hearing Trees w/ Crashing Into Things & Non Stop Talk at Copper Owl

Shadowhouse w/ Teenage Violets & Dream Cars at Lucky Bar

Dylan Stone Band w/ Spencer Kendall & Ray Mohr at Wheelies Motorcycles

Bear Grillz w/ AFK, Hekler & NALLA at Capital Ballroom

Groove Kitchen at The Rubber Boot Club

Sam Weber at Northern Quarter

The Sentiments w/ Hillside Hooligans & Sexweather at V-Lounge


Iron Kingdom w/ Battlesworn & Fractured Anatomy at Logan’s Pub


Brett Kissel w/ Dan Davidson at Mary Winspear Centre

The Arrogant Worms at Dave Dunnet Community Theatre

Mike Edel w/ Scenic Route to Alaska & Kirsten Ludwig at Copper Owl


Brett Kissel w/ Dan Davidson at Mary Winspear Centre

Mike Edel w/ Scenic Route to Alaska & Kirsten Ludwig at Copper Owl


Spacetapes w/ Island Eyes and Scars & Scarves at Copper Owl

Phantom Thieves, Lost Buoys, Chase Spencer, & The Unfaithful Servants at Darcy’s Pub Westshore

The Boom Booms w/ Little Destroyer, Fox Glove, Shawn Austin, Paint The Town Red, Fintan O’Brien & Quarterback at Capital Ballroom

Brett Kissel w/ Dan Davidson at Mary Winspear Centre

Screaming at Traffic w/ The Dog Indiana at Wheelies Motorcycles

NWA’s DJ Yella feat. Lil Eazy E & Hypeman Playboy T w/ Paint The Town Red, Sykes, JSTMKY, YD From Tha North & Konfidential, Dockside Green, Filthy Clean Professionals, Norton & Spictacular at Distrikt Nightclub


Victoria Django Festival 2018: The Mark Atkinson Trio w/ Club Voltaire & Blue Moon Marquee at White Eagle Hall

Carlos del Junco & The Blues Mongrels at Oak Bay Recreation Upstairs Lounge

Tre Twitty w/ Tayla Lynn at Mary Winspear Centre

Band or Rascals w/ Stinging Belle & Year of The Wolf at Capital Ballroom

Kellarissa w/ Devours & Hush Pup at Copper Owl

The Gord Light Brigade at Northern Quarter


Edie Daponte and Joey Smith at Beacon Landing Lounge

Victoria Django Festival 2018: Daniel Lapp w/ Abe & The Sweehearts & Blue Moon Marquee

Batuque Axé at Capital Ballroom

The Tower of Dudes & The Hex at Copper Owl

Resurrection Committee w/ Highland Eyeway & Katabat at Lucky Bar

Trial x Stone w/ DS Lori, Flatbed, Holy Boredoms & Atomic Chocolate at Logan’s Pub


FRIGS w/ Vase & Redress at Logan’s Pub


Aminé at Distrikt Nightclub


Lisa Fischer &a Grand Baton at The Royal Theatre


Compassion Machine, Bear King, VicCity Soldiers, Coled, Wiseguy, Adrian Cook, Quadra Sound & Brett Smith-Daniels at Lucky Bar


Problem Child: AC/DC Tribute Band at The McPherson Playhouse

Adonis Puentes & The Voice of Cuba Orchestra w/ DJ Ramesh & DJ Christina Morrison at Capital Ballroom

Drezo at Distrikt Nightclub


Shred Kelly at Lucky Bar

The Deb Rhymer Band at The Esquimal Legion

Total Shit w/ V.C.R. at Wheelies Motorcycles

Sonderous w/ Sterling & Chase The Bear at Capital Ballroom


Dug Nugget, Vic Horvath, Charles James Appleton & Chloe Nakahara, and Kelly O’Donnell at Vinyl Envy

Buckman Coe w/ Arielle Deem at Vinyl Envy

Hank Angel and His Island Devils at The Loft Pub

Bison w/ SHIBBOLETH & Crematory Ash at Capital Ballroom

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