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This is the Victoria Music Scene. A website with a focus on music in Victoria, BC Canada.

This website is dedicated to share with you the latest news and content from local musicians, music photographers, music videographers, music journalists, concert promoters, venues and more. The mission is simple. Make it easy for you to find out what’s happening in your local music scene.

This site was launched after experiencing frustration over concert listings that neglect the vital details and the difficulty of keeping track of personal music/media friends content. As a person who takes photos and video in the local music scene, if I was having that much trouble finding information on local music, then what must the experience be like for average people who aren’t trying as hard?

– Our concert calendar upholds to higher standards than any other calendar. We don’t post a show unless we can tell you the cost of admission and where you can find out more about at least the headlining act. We believe that concert listings should be to the point with the vital information (Who, What, Where, When, How much) and leave the elaborate bios and other fluff at the artist’s websites, Facebook Event, or promoter and venue websites.

– We follow hundreds of local Facebook pages and Twitter accounts looking for local music news and content to share and hope that you will help out and give us the heads up on any Victoria music news or content you have/find as well.

– Another mandate is to direct you to where the content is. We’ll show you a sample. If you like what you see/hear, go to the artist/content provider’s website. The more news we receive to share, the more people will explore other local sites.

It’s your city. It’s your scene. Be part of it!