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Are you a current or former Victoria, BC based musician/band and have new music or a new music video to promote? Tell us with this music submission form. Just so you know, because this website is run as a news website, music you submit for promotion must be new… as in no more than a month old. That single you released six months ago isn’t news.

If you want to just sent a press release or have a mailing list or PR rep, our email is

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    If we've never featured your music before, do you live in Victoria? Or did you used to live in Victoria? We exclusively post music from bands/artists with direct ties to greater Victoria. If you're a Toronto band, but your drummer was born in Langford, you count. If you were a UVic student for a semester in 1998, you also count. Let us know your Victoria connection if your website/social media doesn't make it obvious.

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    Provide any other details about the music you're submitting. We're looking for interesting stories or anecdotes to pull quotes from to make a better article about your release. What's the song about? What's the music video story/concept? What's the backstory of the album recording?