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This is the Victoria Music Scene Concert Submission Form. If you are familiar with WordPress this form should be straight forward. Here are a few rules we would like you to follow when filling out this form to successfully have your concert added to our calendar. Our calendar uses a very specific and uniform format to keep our listings simple and to the point with important details. When you submit your concert, it will not appear on the calendar until after it is reviewed by a site administrator, which may take a while so be sure to submit your concert early. We will edit your concert submission to conform to our exact format. Here is an example of our concert listing format of the show title and description using the Visual and Text code versions of the form: VISUAL | CODE

If you have any questions regarding this form, our concert listings format and policies email us:

If you prefer to submit your concert using our old form you can still do so by CLICKING HERE.

1. All concert submissions must state how much it costs to attend and where to get tickets. If admission is free or at the door, say so. If tickets are online, provide a link.
2. All concert submissions must provide a web link to at least the headlining artist/band (website, Facebook page, Bandcamp, etc.). People want to learn about or hear something of artists they don't know.
3. No ALL CAPS unless the artist name or venue actually use all caps in their spelling
4. Please provide either a Facebook Event link OR a link on the web where more concert details such as bios can be found.
5. Do NOT post bios or long-form descriptions of your concert in your submission. This is what an artist's website or a show's Facebook event is for. Any long bios or paragraphs of extraneous information will be deleted from listings so don't waste your time typing them.
6. Please provide either a show poster, headliner photo, or some kind of promotional graphic for the show that is ideally 750 pixels wide or high. Graphics/photos are a vital part of the website and also help promote your show. Graphics too small look terrible. Graphics too big put unwanted stress on the webserver.
7. Please check to see if the venue is saved in the "Use Saved Venue" drop menu before inputting new venue info in the venue section of the form.
8. Only fill out the organizer section if there is a specific promoter presenting the concert (ie. Atomique Productions, Surge, Live Nation etc.). Please eheck for saved organizers in the "Use Saved Organizer" before filling out a new one. If there are multiple organizers, choose only one. When in doubt, leave the organizer portion of the form blank.

We need your name and email so we can contact you should there be a problem with your concert submission that needs to be addressed before it's approved to be added to the calendar.

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