Top Local Artist Moments of 2014: Number 8


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8. The Roper Show at Rock of The Woods – Hail Mary (July 25, 2014)

What a year Jesse Roper had in 2014. Capitalizing on the success of his song ‘Yukon Girl’ and 2013 Zone Band of The Month status, Jesse Roper took the ball and ran with it from V.I.C. Fest, Rock the Shores, Rock of The Woods, BC Day, Rifflandia to dozens of other shows in between. This video of The Roper Show performing ‘Hail Mary’ at Rock of The Woods in July 2014 shows how much fun Jesse Roper is to watch. One of my favourite local guitar players in Victoria. Four years ago when I saw him for the first time at Sugar Nightclub I knew Jesse Roper was going places. It was only a matter of time.

Jesse Roper:

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