Top Local Artist Moments of 2014: Number 7


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7. Kirsten Ludwig with Sam Weber at Infiniti Studios- Two-Halves (March 26, 2014)

So on March 26, 2014 Sam Weber messages me on Facebook out of the blue asking, “What are you up to tonight ?? I was curious if you wanted to come to Infinity Studios and shoot some footage of a live tune of Kirsten’s we’re working on.” I tell him I’m at work till midnight. Apparently that’s perfect… I show up at midnight and then an hour later after three takes I give them the raw footage to do with what they wanted and this was the end result. I’m sure I probably could have shot this better, but what we did was not bad for no prep time and trying things out on the fly. Sam is a pro and Kirsten has a great voice. Plus it was just fun to do.

Kirsten Ludwig:

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