Top Local Artist Moments of 2014: Number 9


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9. Isobel Trigger at Distrikt Nightclub (when it was still Club 9ONE9) – Dust and Bones (August 9, 2014)

Isobel Trigger were one of the most entertaining local bands to watch in 2014. Some of my best photos this year came from Isobel Trigger performances. With some bands the lead singer is the only person people pay attention to while the rest of the group stands in the background… not Isobel Trigger. The entire band is almost always doing something that commands your attention. Isobel Trigger had a huge year with a number of festival performances, a new album, being named Zone Band of The Month for April 2014 and signing with Cordova Bay Records. They even were featured in a documentary. This performance of their single ‘Dust and Bones’ at Distikt Nightclub (then named Club 9ONE9 at the time) for their CD Release Show in August is just one example of a band giving their all on stage.

Isobel Trigger:

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