Laketown Shakedown 2019 began with rain. We arrived to the venue a little after 6pm just as a burst of rain started pouring over Laketown Ranch. The early festival goers were huddled underneath the covered portion of the Flats Stage where Lost Octave performed. The rain stopped halfway through their set and never came back.

After a 30 minute break, Victoria’s Diamond Cafe took the stage. It took a little while for the audience to warm up to the idea to return to the dance floor area, but the band eventually won them over.

The Boom Booms were next with one of their final Vancouver Island dates on their farewell tour. It’s a shame the band is calling it quits. They’ve been such solid entertainers for years.

Victoria’s SIDEWAY opened the Lake Night Stage. With the stage being on the other side of Laketown Ranch and many festival goers still getting a sense of the lay of the land, the audience was small to start.

Metchosin’s Jesse Roper headlined to a packed Flats Stage performing for nearly two hours. Near the end of the set, Roper crowd surfed.

At the Lake Night Stage, Mt. Doyle and Stickybuds closed out the night with a dance party at the top of the hill.

On a day where the lineup was mostly local/regional flavour, this weekend looks to be well attended with an audience that skews a bit younger than the previous Laketown Rock festivals the last two years.

Laketown Shakedown continues Saturday and Sunday with headliners Snoop Dogg, Incubus, Sublime with Rome, Smash Mouth and Black Pistol Fire to perform.