Victoria welcomed Ruby Waters back for the first time in 2 months selling out the the fourth stop of her first headlining tour at Capital Ballroom Saturday.

Her first time on the island was an afternoon performance at Rifflandia in September. Clearly something has struck a chord with Victoria concert goers as this show had been sold out for weeks. This city has a bit of reputation of being last minute when it comes to ticket buying.

Waters kicked of with a song called ‘Soaking Wet’ which is currently no where online. It’s also the name of the tour.

Numerous times during the show, the audience could be heard singing along loudly to her songs. They even encouraged Waters to chug her beverage partway through the set.

Before beginning the encore with her breakout song ‘Supernatural’ someone threw a nearly fully inflated orange 2-person dinghy into the crowd which was briefly tossed about like a beach ball. How do you get that into the venue? And how are you able to inflate it that much without a pump?

‘Supernatural’ was also the only song Waters was without her guitar. She took the opportunity to walk walk to the security barricade to interact with fans while singing. She also twerked toward the audience in her short mini-skirt.

Opening the night was Toronto’s Cam Kahin who performed a set that contrasted quite a bit from Ruby Waters. Kahin music was a much harder style of Rock than Waters which probably took some of the audience members by surprise. People were into it though.

Ruby Waters Setlist
1. Soaking Wet
2. Last Cigarette
3. Good Recipe
4. Open Arms
5. Harder
6. Blow
7. Blood Thinner
8. Heather
9. Rabbit Hole
10. Almost Naked

12. Quantum
13. Here’s to You
14. Casamigos
15. Fox
16. Sweet Sublime
17. Supernatural
18. Difficult