Former Victoria artist Maryze has released her new single ‘Emo’ available for digital download and streaming.

Maryze describes the track as her first angsty breakup song. It pays homage to how Maryze and her music collaborator and partner Solomon K-I met playing in former Victoria rock band Woodsmen. The song also features their former drummer Graem MacDonald.

“For all my former/fellow emo kids, I hope you love this return to my roots,” said Maryze in a social media post.

‘Emo’ is the latest single off of Maryze’s upcoming debut solo album ‘8’ that will be released Friday May 6, 2022.

Maryze will perform live at Lucky Bar in Victoria the evening of the album’s release on May 6th. For concert details, CLICK HERE.

To download/stream Maryze’s single ‘Emo’ on available platforms, CLICK HERE.