The [email protected] has named Layten Kramer their July 2021 Zone Band of the Month.

Go to to read more about Layten Kramer, see photos by Rocktographers, and download free music. Kramer’s single ‘When a Love’s Not Around’ will be featured on The Zone throughout July.

In an interview with Rocktographers’ Tyson Elder, Kramer talked about how long it took to release his new album ‘Dear Apathy.’

“We actually started recording the record itself three years ago, which seems crazy,” said Kramer. “It’s definitely been an interesting time with the pandemic. Trying to figure out things with the label and all of the logistics of how to release it because obviously there’s no shows. So, we ended up sitting on it for a year.”

We tagged along for Rocktographers’ photoshoot with Layten Kramer and shot video of the interview

Layten Kramer