Music Video: Lindsay Bryan- TV Doctor (Spread Cheer)


Victoria’s Lindsay Bryan has released a music video for her song ‘TV Doctor (Spread Cheer)’ on YouTube.

The LABS lead singer and co-lead for Victoria cover band The Bright Side has had a quiet year due to the pandemic essentially shutting down the live music industry. Recent announcements by heath officials gave Bryan some creative inspiration.

“I had the notion to write a COVID Christmas song the other day when the restrictions were extended through the holidays,” said Bryan in an email to Victoria Music Scene. “Consider it a simple Christmas craft to throw in the ol’ 2020 dumpster fire time capsule!”

Many will be able to relate to the her lyrics as she shares what she’s gone through in 2020 and how she feels about this year’s holiday season as she sings alone in the video sitting by a Christmas tree with a chorus that goes:
I was a good girl this year
wore my mask washed my hands
lost my career
barely saw any friends
if I’m gonna spread cheer
guess I’ll do it from here then
all I want for Christmas
is this year to end

On a more uplifting note, we hear there might be some new music from LABS coming soon.

Lindsay Bryan:

Lindsay Bryan- TV Doctor (Spread Cheer)