A screenshot we took for evidence of what the heifers did.
On Easter Sunday April 1, 2018, in a blatant case of online bullying, a group rogue heifers altered our website in an attempt to spread their bovine agenda. Even our RSS feedlot was affected. How dairy they!

At 8am we issued a plea asking if the public cud steer us to find the heifers to end this beef. Our website’s integrity was at steak.

Hours later we received a message from one heifer just telling us to, “Not have a cow, man!” and then proceeded to udder a vealed threat

We’re so udderly upset, we replied that when we found them we were going herd them up and put a bull-et to their calves and cattle prod them till their ice cream. We called them cowards and threatened to roast them back.

Finally at 12pm, our prods were answered when our Angus, our I.T. specialist in New York finally brought things back to normal.

We hope you enjoyed April Fool’s Day!

Victoria Moosic Scene