Music Festival: Spirit of 150 Victoria Releases Full Lineup and Schedule (June 21 – July 1, 2017)


The City of Victoria and Coast Capital Savings presents the Spirit of 150 at Ship Point and the BC Legislature. Commemorating Canada’s 150th birthday, Spirit of 150 Victoria will present over 100 free live performances in Victoria’s Inner Harbour with stages at the BC Legislature and Ship Point from Wednesday June 21 to Saturday July 1, 2017. Arkells and Tegan and Sara headline a list of diverse performers from Victoria, BC and the rest of Canada.

The full schedule can be found below. We have also provided links to as many of the artists as we could find so you can explore the plethora of music to be featured over the eleven days of performances.

Spirit of 150 Victora:

Saturday July 1:
Main Stage
12pm – Coast Capital Savings Living Flag T-Shirt Pick-Up
2pm – Coast Capital Savings Living Flag Photo
3pm – Elder Blessing
3:15pm – Esquimalt Singers and Dancers
3:30pm – Lekwungen Dancers
3:50pm – “O Canada” by Valdy & The Children’s Choir
4:10pm – Stella Swanson and the Rosie Joyfuls
4:55pm – CIBC Reaffirmation Ceremony
5:30pm – Dirty Mountain
6:15pm – De Temps Antan
7:10pm – En Karma
8:05pm – The Funk Hunters
9:15pm – Arkells
10:15pm – Fireworks Display

Ship Point Stage
12:30pm – Mexican Folklore Dancers
1:15pm – Lilias Polynesian Dance Co.
2:00pm – To be announced
2:50pm – Sooke Community Choir
3:30pm – Sane-E Punjab (Victoria)
4:15pm – Fortune Killers
5:15pm – Violet
6:00pm – Stinging Belle
7:00pm – Deep Sea Gypsies
8:00pm – Band of Rascals

Friday June 30:
Main Stage
5:30pm – ROCOCODE
6:20pm – Carmanah
7:15pm – Delhi 2 Dublin
8:30pm – Tegan and Sara

Ship Point Stage
12:30pm – Jake Winter and Megan McCaffrey
1:20pm – Tree Top Trio
2:10pm – Kirsten Ludwig
3:00pm – The Merry McKentys
4:00pm – Fallbrigade
(Country Night)
5:15pm – Steph Macpherson
6:00pm – Slim Sandy & The Hillbilly Boppers
7:00pm – Tan and Hide
8:00pm – Dylan Stone & The Unfaithful Servants
9:00pm – The Tumblin’ Dice

Thursday June 29
12:30pm – Eryn Sharpe Trio
1:20pm – Lebeau-Petersen Duo
2:10pm – Kermode
3:00pm – MIND
4:00pm – Morning Show
(Psych Rock Night)
5:15pm – Scars and Scarves
6:00pm – Bad Hoo
7:00pm – Germany Germany
8:00pm – Dante Decaro

Wednesday June 28
12:30pm – Dominion of Being
1:20pm – Theatre Skam
2:10pm – Groceries
3:00pm – Lukah Bouchard Band
4:00pm – Cheeks
(EDM & Funk Night)
5:15pm – Jennay Badger
6:00pm – Grossbuster
7:00pm – Murge
8:00pm – Rennie Foster

Tuesday June 27
Canadian Multiculturalism Day
12:30pm – Balkan Babes
1:20pm – Tradewinds
2:10pm – Shan-E Punjab (Vancouver & Victoria)
3:00pm – Ocean Rain Arts Academy
3:50pm – Veselka Ukranian Dancers
4:30pm – The Gabriel Dubreuil Trio
5:15pm – Cookeilidh
6:05pm – Sari Alesh
6:55pm – Uminari Taiko
8:00pm – Batuque Axe

Monday June 26
12:30pm – Nick Mintenko
1:20pm – Noah Edwards
2:10pm – Adam Bay
3:00pm – Rig-A-Jig
4:00pm – Geoff Lundstrom
(Folk/Roots Night)
5:15pm – Wired to The Sky
6:00pm – Lola Parks
7:00pm – Fox Glove
8:00pm – Caleb Hart & The Royal Youths

Sunday June 25
11:00am – 4:00pm – Perfomances by VNFC Drum Group, Esquimalt Singers & Dancers, Lekwungen Traditional Dancers, and more
(Avant Electronic Night)
5:15pm – Cascadia Sound vs. Hi-Q Soundsystem
6:00pm – Max Renn vs. Null Void
7:00pm – Battery Poacher vs. The Righteous Rainbows of Togetherness
8:00pm – OKPK vs. Monolithium

Saturday June 24
12:30pm – Two Among Friends
1:20pm – Fast Forward
2:10pm – DJ Carson
3:00pm – JFeud
4:00pm – Knacker’s Yard
(Le Celebration De La Fracophone)
5:15pm – Kouskous
6:00pm – Rejean Bussieres
7:00pm – Saint Pierre
8:00pm – Fanny Est Partie
9:00pm – Laurence Castera

Friday June 23
12:30pm – Vic Horvath
1:20pm – Daniel Cook & The Radiators
2:10pm – Alexandria Maillot
3:00pm – Dave Lang & The Insolent Rabble
4:00pm – Zoubi and The Sea
(Latin/Soul/Reggae Night)
5:15pm – Nice Verdes
6:00pm – Boogaloo En Orbit
7:00pm – Boomshack
8:00pm – Marafani World Beat
9:00pm – Dope Soda

Thursday June 22
(Youth Day)
12:30pm – Ocean Rain Bilingual Choir
1:20pm – Theatre Skam
2:10pm – Emily & Bailey of The Greater Victoria Youth Orchestra
3:00pm – The Colts
4:00pm – Coastline
5:15pm – Tilted Frame
6:00pm – Pastel Blank
7:00pm – Stel
8:00pm – Funk Cannon

Wednesday June 21
(National Aboriginal Day)
12:50pm – Aboriginal Youth Internship Program
1:20pm – Niska Napoleon
2:00pm – Janet Rogers
2:55pm – Stephanie Papik/Mike Sheehan/Bradley Dick
4:00pm – Willie Thrasher
5:15pm – Impulse Response
6:00pm – LABS
7:00pm – Genevieve and The Wild Sundays
8:00pm – Lovecoast