Album: Tavern of the Damned Volume One


Tavern of The Damned- Volume OneLogan's Pub has released a 67 song compilation album ‘Tavern of The Damned: Volume One’ available for digital download at ‘name your own price’ on Bandcamp. The album features songs from 67 local artists who performed at Logan’s Pub in 2014.

To download Logan’s Pub’s ‘Tavern of the Damned: Volume One’ for ‘name your own price on Bandcamp, CLICK HERE.

Track List:
1. Hearse– Fireworks (live)
2. Thepurrverts– The Embalmer
3. Nearly Dead- Shit in The Bag
4. Fountain– Ladybug Mating Ritual
5. Nogoods– I Wanna Be Your Friend
6. LINE TRAPS– Mannequin
7. Mascara Nites
8. The POOR Choices– Corporate Fool
9. Hundy Thou– Kool Herc
10. Hank ‘n Lily– Apocalypse
11. Crashing Into Things– Pinball Man
12. The Tower of Dudes– We Never Learn Anything
13. Bluesy Moods– For Dieter
14. High Arctic– Sorceress
15. Azodanum- A Chorus of Agony
16. GALDRA– Wormwood Wings
17. Amnesian- Inhospitable
18. Altered Dead- Staves
19. Tenchu– Nisei
20. Psychic Pollution– Rampant Against God And King
21. Old Girl– Okay To Miss
22. Bells & Cannons– Slow Cooker
23. Ruby Karinto– Ai is a Pencil
24. Dylan Stone– Fallen Angel
25. David P Smith– Troubled Soul Of A Louse
26. Clunt & The Scrunts– The Scouser
27. Ball Gag N’ Chain Gang– 3 Jacks
28. Black Valley Gospel– The Ballad of the Skinless Horse
29. The Bad– It’s All Gonna Change
30. The Revival BC– Get Your Drink On
31. Dave Lang- Best Things in Life Are
32. The Chantrelles– Goodnight Sweetheart
33. Dylan Davis- Rake ‘n Ashes
34. Downtown– Birthgirl
35. Novel- Necessity
36. Psychosomatic Itch– Gluegaze
37. Jons- Catamaran
38. Durban Poison- Wanna Hear About Dancin’
39. Summer Babe– Massage In A Bottle
40. The Electric Dates– Flat Tire
41. Pinner– Human Person
42. Dummy Pops- Dirty Six
43. Kaiten- Bastard Christ
44. Sewer Rat– Incinerator Rock
45. Torrefy– Axewound
46. Atrous Leviathan– Morning After Massacre
47. Bungus– Bane
48. Vort Ahn- Reverend 2099
49. The Hex- Gave You My All
50. Marble Pawns– Outside In
51. HUSH PUP– Fighter
52. Steve Barrie– California
53. Moths & Locusts– Fast Nero (live)+
54. Awkward a/c– Little Lies
55. Golden Hand– Offering
56. Couchthieves– Pain & Labor
57. MANATEE(curseofthe)– Loser Leaves Town
58. It- Ocean
59. Electric Druids- Infamy
60. Buzzard– Terrible Lizzard
61. MENDOZZA– Sludgehammer
62. The Body Politic- Armature
63. Vaultry– Ligeia
64. The Role Models– Loud
65. Wolf Rider- Citadel
66. Cryptic Enslavement– Dawn of Deceit
67. Ears- E.A.R.S. Liiive at Logan’s Pub