Video: 2014 Rifflandia TV Episodes on Telus Optik and YouTube


This week, Rifflandia has released the 2014 episodes of their Rifflandia TV features. This year, with the support from Telus Optik, they have released a documentary-style five-episode series hosted by Ellie Shortt. The episodes cover the history of the festival, the food and beer, the community, art, and the music.

This year’s series contains great insight from the festival organizers, local businesses involved, media, volunteers and artists as well as stunning archival footage from the last few festivals.

The series can be seen on Telus Optik on demand or is available on the RifflandiaTV YouTube Channel. The episodes are also embedded below.

Rifflandia 2014 happens Thursday September 11, 2014 to Sunday September 14, 2014. Lineup and ticket info is available at or on our recent concert announcement post

Episode 1 – The History of Rifflandia

Episode 2 – The Food and Beer

Episode 3 – The Community

Episode 4 – The Art

Episode 5 – The Music and Lineup