Photos: V.I.C. Fest 2013 at St. Ann’s Academy (Various photographers)


VIC Fest 2013- Photo MegaPostThe 2013 Vancouver Island Cultural Festival was held at St. Ann’s Academy Friday June 21 an Saturday June 22, 2013. Tyson Elder Rocktography, Wind Up Photograpy, Leanne Green Photography, Sam Thom Photography, Webmeister Bud, Jen Warnock and just about any other music photographer you can think off were there to take photos.

Below are links to some phogotraphers galleries I have been able to find.

For more info about VIC Fest:

To view Wind Up Photography‘s gallery of The June Fiasco at VIC Fest on Facebook, CLICK HERE.

To view Tyson Elder Rocktography‘s gallery on his website, CLICK HERE or on his Flickr, CLICK HERE. Also read his reviews of DAY 1 and DAY 2.

To view Leanne Green Photography‘s gallery at her website, CLICK HERE

To view Webmeister Bud’s gallery at The [email protected]‘s Faceboko page, CLICK HERE.

To view Jen Warnock’s gallery on Facebook, CLICK HERE.

To view Dean Kalyan Photography‘s gallery at CVV Magazine’s website, CLICK HERE.

To view Sam Thom Photography‘s galleries on her website, click on any of the following artist links:
DJ Boitano, The Grass Tracks, The June Fiasco, The Roper Show, The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer, Vince Vaccaro, The Electric Timber Company, DJ Nigel, Steph Macpherson, Towers and Trees, Carmanah, DJ Murge, Anami Vice, The Archers, Langdon Auger, Wil, Jon and Roy