Photos: Dominique Fricot, Snoqualmie & Wand at Lucky Bar (various photographers)


It was a music photographer party at Lucky Bar!
It was a music photographer party at Lucky Bar!
CMCT presented Dominique Fricot, Snoqualmie and Wand live at Lucky Bar on Tuesday January 29, 2013. At that concert there were at least five Victoria music photographers (Brett Reid, Brian Van Wyk, Leanne Greene, Lindsey Blane, Sam Thom) and also videographers Darren Ho (Darren Ho Live Concert Videos) and Adam Lee (Magmazing Music) covering the show…

Instead of making a post for each photographer, I figured it’d be best to link to their galleries in one post. If you’d rather I do it the other way, please comment or email with feedback.

Galleries listed in order of who posted their galleries first. This post will be updated when more photographers’ galleries are posted/found.

Sam Thom Photography
Dominique Fricot:

Leanne Green Photography

Lindsey Blane Photography

Magmazing Music

Brett Reid Photography