Top Local Artist Moments of 2012: Number 20


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20. Amy Wood at The Moka House on Hillside- Symphony (February 12, 2012)

Starting out this year’s Local Artist countdown is Amy Wood. The Moka House on Hillside is as you can probably guess from the venue’s name, a cafe. Lighting can be a problem shooting there. This was probably the second or third show I ever shot with my dSLR. Considering the how dark the place is at night, this video turned out rather nice. What also made this a great moment was the fact the audience paid attention to what was happening on stage and even participated rather than having their own conversations like people often do at a coffee shop. The flowery backdrop added to the beauty of this song.

To see more of my video of Amy Wood at The Moka House on Hillside, CLICK HERE.

To find out more about Amy Wood go to

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