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Album: Mighty Speck Records- Revolutions Per Moment

Victoria music label Mighty Speck Records has released a new compilation album 'Revolutions Per Moment featuring singles from 14 bands/artists on their roster available...

Album: Mighty Speck Records- Nature & Nations

Mighty Speck Records has released a 13-song compilation album 'Nature & Nations' with music from it's roster of artists, Simon de Laat, Gas Covered...

Album Stream: Mighty Speck Records- Love Letter From Mighty Speck Records

Mighty Speck Records has released a 14-song compilation album 'Love Letter From Mighty Speck Records' available to stream on YouTube. To listen to the...

Album: Mighty Speck Records- Various Artists Volume One

Mighty Speck Records released their first compilation album featuring 18 artists from Victoria and Vancouver Island. The album is available for digital download on...