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Have a concert booked in Victoria? Tell us about it. At minimum we’ll add it to our concert calendar. If all the necessary information is included and you’ve submitted the show far enough in advance, we’ll even post a Concert Announcement on the main blog. We also do our best to Tweet and Facebook our Concert Announcement posts and tweet about the concert the day of the show.

VictoriaMusicScene.com’s philosophy is to be to the point and provide the vital details. If a visitor wants to know more about an artist, that’s what the link to the artist’s website is for.

If your concert is listed in a Facebook Event that contains all of the following (the performers, link to some web presence for at least the headliner, date(s), time(s), ticket cost/cover charge, where to buy tickets, image of the show poster or headliner) You can then just email us the Facebook event link to
If your show doesn’t have a Facebook event, please fill out the form below.

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    (Our website is very graphic intensive so if you want a 'Concert Announcement' post made on our homepage an image of something that relates to the concert is required. If you just want your show added to the calendar, this is optional)


    Artists (if more than four bands/artists are in the lineup, provide them in the 'Other Info' part of the form)
    For artist websites we prefer actual websites or Facebook pages. If neither is applicable, then we accept Bandcamp, MySpace, Reverbnation, Soundcloud etc.
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    (if applicable... but seriously, getting the word out about a concert practically needs a Facebook Event these days)

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