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EP: Cadboro- Live at Felicita’s

Cadboro have released a five song live EP called 'Live at Felicita's' that was recorded at Felicita's Campus Pub. The EP is available for...

EP: Northcote- Invisible Diamonds

Northcote has released a four song acoustic EP called 'Invisible Diamonds' for free download on NoiseTrade. To download Northcote's 'Invisible Diamonds' EP on NoiseTrade, CLICK...

EP: Kiana Brasset- While The Rest of The World is Sleeping

Kiana Brasset has released a six-song EP 'While The Rest of The World is Sleeping' available for digital download ($6) and on CD ($10)...

EP: The Harbour Sound- B Sides

The Harbour Sound have released a three-song EP called 'B Sides' containging B sides from their debut album 'Stories to be told when we're...