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EP: Rococode- Panic Attack

Rococode have released a five-song EP called 'Panic Attack' available digital download on iTunes and streamable on Souncloud. To download Rococode's 'Panic Attack' EP on...

EP: Fox Glove- Roll On

Fox Glove have released a three-song EP called 'Roll On' available for digital download on Bandcamp. To purchase Fox Glove's 'Roll On' EP on Bandcamp,...

EP: Looks Like Rain- A Light Breaks Through

Looks Like Rain have released their first four-song EP 'A Light Breaks Through' available for digital download on Bandcamp. To download Looks Like Rain's 'A...

EP: sub|division- sub|div Selects 2

sub|division has released a four-track compilation EP called 'sub|div Selects 2' featuring tracks from Grossbuster, Hi-Q Soundsystem, Max Renn and Laggards available for digital...

EP: Marble Pawns- Astrophobia

Marble Pawns have released a new five-song EP called 'Astrophobia available for free download on Bandcamp. To download Marble Pawns' 'Astrophobia' for free on Bandcamp,...

EP: Carmanah- Roots

Carmanah is released their latest six song EP 'Roots' for 'name your own price' by digital download on their website. Starting today (Monday June...

EP: Mindil Beach- The Sweet Tea EP

Mindil Beach have released a four-soung EP called 'The Sweet Tea EP' available for digital download or CD at their website or streaming on...

EP: The Leaks- Live Leaks Demo

The Leaks have released a six-song demo EP 'Live Leaks Demo' available for digital download for 'name your price' on Bandcamp. To download The Leaks'...

EP: Morning Show- Prom Theme

Morning Show have released their debut 5-song EP 'Prom Theme' available for digital download on iTunes, Bandcamp and streamable on Soundcloud. To download Morning...

EP: San Felix- Fire Island

San Felix have released a six-song EP 'Fire Island' available on CD at Ditch Records or digital download on Bandcamp. To download San Felix's 'Fire...

EP: Jay Davis- Jay Davis

Jay Davis has released his debut self-titled three-song EP available for digital download for $3 on CD Baby and Bandcamp. To download Jay Davis' self-titled...

EP: Cadboro- Live at Felicita’s

Cadboro have released a five song live EP called 'Live at Felicita's' that was recorded at Felicita's Campus Pub. The EP is available for...