The [email protected]’s Jon Williams Recording Charity Album


Jon Williams You probably have heard The [email protected] FM’s evening/weekend announcer Jon Williams break out in freestyle rap on the air. A select few of you might also have seen him drum for a band called Banana Buffalo. Today, he announced he is recording a charity album. He will be collaborating with a number of Canadian artists. Artists already announced to be part of the project include Kyprios, Miami Nights 1984, Georgia Murray, Rebel Emergency, DJ Murge, Rococode, Mindil Beach Markets & DJ Nigel. Innovate Imageworks is also involved.

Update Jan. 11: DJ Murge, Rococode, Mindil Beach Markets & DJ Nigel added to the project

Update Jan. 15: Vince Vaccaro, Acres Of Lions, KO & Kytami added to the project

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Twitter: @williamsofjon