Australian multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Tash Sultana made their Victoria debut at The Royal Theatre Friday July 15, 2022.

The show was just one of four Canadian tour dates in support of Sultana’s album ‘Terra Firma’.

The audience at the sold out Royal theatre were on their feet immediately when Sultana hit the stage and largely stayed that way for the entire two-hour performance. That’s kind of a rare thing to happen at concerts at the Royal Theatre. Victoria audiences tend to have the bad habit of sitting. Not this time. Sultana’s relentless energy wouldn’t let them.

I can’t remember seeing Sultana have a drink of anything during the set let alone take much of a break between songs. The stage had three platforms up front with the main one containing most of the the instruments Sultana played by themself in the middle. After live recording a backtrack with a loop machine Sultana would move around with a guitar, saxophone or a mic out front and on the side platforms.

About 40 minutes into the set Sultana was joined by a drummer, bass player and keyboard player for a few songs. They were also joined by opener Josh Cashman for one song.

Sultana ended the main set with a 10 minute performance of 2016 single ‘Jungle’ that brought Sultana to the prominence after uploading a YouTube video that garnered a million views within 5 days. That video now has more than 145-million views.

The encore was Sultana alone putting on a clinic with an acoustic guitar for 13 minutes straight noodling on the frets and frantically strumming leaving the audience in awe.

Melbourne, Australia singer-songwriter Josh Cashman opened the evening to the attentive Royal Theatre audience.