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Victoria Music Strategy

Give Your Input on Victoria’s Music Strategy

The City of Victoria is looking for your input on the City's draft Music Strategy that will outline the role of music in Victoria....
Vic Horvath- West Coast Reign

Vic Horvath’s ‘West Coast Reign’ Re-Released on Vinyl

Victoria singer-songwriter Vic Horvath's final album 'West Coast Reign' will be re-released on vinyl. Horvath died from complications with epilepsy in August of 2018 at...
Lyle's Place Closing

Victoria Music Store Lyle’s Place Closing

Victoria is about to lose a local music retail institution. Lyle's Place will close this fall. The record store made the announcement in a post...
dragon boat

Festival Apologizes For Offering Musician Time Slot for No Compensation

Organizers of the Victoria Dragon Boat Festival came under fire this week after a local musician made public that he was offered a prime...
Sean Winter

Sean Winter (1988 – 2021)

Victoria saxophonist Sean Winter has died. He was 33. Winter performed with numerous bands including Hank Angel and His Island Devils, Funk'd Up, and...
Layten Kramer- Zone Band of The Month July 2021

The [email protected] Band of The Month: Layten Kramer (July 2021)

has named Layten Kramer their July 2021 Zone Band of the Month. Go to thezone.fm to read more about Layten Kramer, see photos...

Hermann’s Jazz Club Welcoming Back Live Audiences Beginning July 14

Victoria's Hermann's Jazz Club will welcome back live audiences to the concert venue starting Wednesday July 14, 2021. The announcement was made by the Arts...
2021 Juno Winners- Victoria

News: Blitz//Berlin and Unleash The Archers win 2021 Juno Awards

Victoria composers Blitz//Berlin and Victoria metal band Unleash The Archers have won 2021 Juno Awards Blitz Berlin were awarded Instrumental Album of the Year. The...
Xana- Zone Band of The Month June 2021

The [email protected] Band of The Month: Xana (June 2021)

has named Xana their June 2021 Zone Band of the Month. Go to thezone.fm to read more about Xana, see photos by Rocktographers,...
Michael Demers

Michael Demers (1958 – 2021)

Victoria musician Michael Demers' year-long battle with Leukemia has come to an end. He was 63 years old. Demers was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in...
Zone Band of The Month- SKOV- May 2021

The [email protected] Band of The Month: Skov. (May 2021)

has named Skov. their May 2021 Zone Band of the Month. Go to thezone.fm to read more about Skov., see photos by Rocktographers,...
Mike and Alissa Edel

Mike Edel Recovering From a Stroke, GoFundMe Campaign Started

Former Victoria-based artist Mike Edel has suffered a stroke. Edel posted a photo from his hospital bed on April 23, 2021 on Instagram, but...