Music Video: Shale- Get Lost


Sooke’s Shale have release a music video for their single ‘Get Lost’. The video was produced by Ian Locke and Mike Bentham.

‘Get Lost’ is the band’s second single after ‘To The Ground’ that was released in January 2022. That song has garnered more than 15,000 listens to date.

“We decided to go with a black and red theme for our new music video because Breanna (bass player Breanna Montague) had these red leather pants she really liked and wanted to wear,” said the band in an Instagram post. “The colours ended up working perfectly to capture the mood of the song! We even matched our instruments to fit in with our theme.”

Lead singer Kiarra O’Connor took to TikTok to share what the single is about and where the song’s title came from. “It’s about a relationship that’s over. A girl who’s known it for a long time, moi, and a guy that is full of himself that he thinks that he still has a chance.”

O’Connor’s ex-boyfriend owed her money after they broke up. When she confronted him about the money, he told her to “Get lost.”

To watch, stream or download Shale’s ‘Get Lost on available platforms, CLICK HERE.