The [email protected] has named LIINKS their June 2022 Zone Band of the Month.

Go to to read more about Michael Wilford, see photos by Rocktographers, and download free music. LIINKS’ single ‘Up in The Air’ will be in rotation on the radio station for all of June.

LIINKS are signer-songwriter Georgia Murray and DJ/Producer Tony Day aka DWhiz. ‘Up in The Air’ is a single the duo originally released in 2021. It was written during a time of big shifts in changes in their lives.

“Tony came up with the initial chords and I found it super emotional and it just hit on what I was going through, which was not really being able to solve a particularly painful conflict, or find any real closure with the ending of a relationship,” said Georgia Murray in an interview with Rocktographers’ Tyson Elder. It’s kind of a dialogue I wish I could have had or actually a dialogue that I did have but wish had gotten through.”