Victoria’s Bill Chimko has released his new 14-song album ‘Temporarium’ available for digital download and streaming.

‘Temporarium’ is a pure solo project recorded over a year in Chimko’s home studio.

“The Temporarium album was written as a concept album, based on my life experiences growing up (here in Victoria!) and each song’s lyrics are written from two perspectives,” said Bill Chimko.”

Chimko says the opening track ‘Trade Winds’ “is about willingly selling ourselves as social media commodities, yet also about slave trade in history.” He also explained that song 11 ‘Orca’ “is a story about a captured Orca, while from another perspective it’s written about the salmon life cycle.”

“This album also represents my first time singing on a recording, and I really learned as I went along, including the backing vocal tracks – although I’m primarily a guitarist, I’m most happy how with the vocals came out, as it was well outside my comfort zone!”

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Bill Chimko: