Victoria’s Men Without Hats have released their new album ‘Again, Pt. 2’ available for digital download and streaming.

It is the electro-pop group’s first album of original music in 10 years.

Many know the band for 1980s singles ‘The Safety Dance’ and ‘Pop Goes the World’. Most don’t know that lead singer Ivan Doruschuk has lived in Victoria for about two decades.

“”The new record is the spiritual follow-up to Pop Goes The World, in the fact that a lot of the same themes are being explored, such as freedom, human rights, and the ecology,” said Doruschuk. “The songwriting stretches back 40 years, and is reflected in the diversity of the music, with intros and musical interludes, much like Pop Goes The World. It’s a much more orchestral record than the last one (Love In The Age Of War) in the same way that Pop was a lot grander in scope than Rhythm of Youth.”

‘Again, Pt. 2′ explore themes on the current state of the planet, love, the meaning of life and the state of art.

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Men Without Hats: