Single & Music Video: Niloo- Funny Face


Victoria’s Niloo has released her new single ‘Funny Face’ available for digital download and streaming. She has also released a music video for the song.

Niloo is the solo project of Niloo Farahzadeh who is also part of Victoria duo LOOELLE.

“‘Funny Face’ was written in 2018 and I was originally hoping to release it with a band I had been playing with at the time, LOOELLE,” said Niloo. “But the song felt so personal to me and didn’t quite fit that project’s dreamfolk repertoire. I finally recorded it in February of 2020.

The pandemic forced Niloo to get creative making the music video for ‘Funny Face.’

“I teamed up with filmmaker Ali Calladine, who shot the video as a single person director and crew. The majority of the video was shot in the neighborhood of Fernwood and features friends and community members in their respective ‘bubbles’. The visuals of the video capture the vibrancy and drive of the music, while the action follows the main character, who searches the neighborhood in hopes of finding the source of this strange music.”

The song is also available for digital download and streaming on Bandcamp and Spotify.