The [email protected] has named Xana their June 2021 Zone Band of the Month.

Go to to read more about Xana, see photos by Rocktographers, and download free music. Xana’s single ‘Pray’ will be featured on The Zone throughout June.

In an interview with Rocktographers’ Tyson Elder, Xana talked about her creative process for ‘Pray.’

“I really wanted to make a song that was everything that a woman is and that loving women is like,” said Xana. “It was very like edgy, badass, honest, and very kind of delicate in its own way. I really pride myself on writing very openly and honestly, and being very vulnerable.”

We tagged along for Rocktographers’ photoshoot with Xana and shot video of the interview

Xana has also released a new single called ‘Yellow’ on June 4, 2021.