Victoria’s HORIIZON has released his debut 3-song self-titled EP available for streaming.

The EP is the follow up to HORIIZON’s single ‘Ebb & Flow‘ released February 5, 2021 and is a project of singer-songwriter Noah Edwards who is also the lead singer for punk band poor sport. HORIIZON showcases his ability to excel at yet another music genre.

“These songs continue the themes set out in my first single ‘Ebb & Flow’ and combine found sound with acoustic instruments and electronic instruments together in a way that’s both soothing and energetic,” said Edwards. ” It’s been fun using samples to weave memories into the songs, like in “Daydream” where the church bells sample at the beginning was recorded on my cell phone while wandering the streets of Slovenia with my partner in 2016. I think these sounds help ground the songs and make them feel more personal.”

To stream HORIIZON’s self titled EP on available platforms, CLICK HERE.