The International Songwriting Competition has announced its long list of semi-finalists for 2020. Victoria songwriters and artists are among the semi-finalists from more than 26,000 entries.

Ceilidh Matthews’ ‘Someday‘, FALLBRIGADE’s (Esther Jungclaus, Matthew Junclaus and Caleb Scott) ‘Sweet Hope‘ and Lola Parks‘ (Sandy Powlik) ‘Freight Train‘ are semi-finalists in the Folk/Singer-Songwriter category. Michael Wilford’s (Michael Wilford, Joshua Litton, Colleen Lee Eccleston) ‘Scotch (feat. Chelsea D.E. Johnson)‘ is in the Blues category. Twin Kennedy and Mallory Johnson are semi-finalists for their Country song ‘Wise Woman’. Finally Liz Rachel Walker’s (Liz Rachel Walker and March Whitton) ‘Looking Out For One Another’ is a semi-finalist in the Lyrics Only category.

Finalists will be selected from a large panel of judges that includes Coldplay, Dua Lipa, Dom Waits and Bebe Rexha.

Prizes include a cash grand prize and packages that include song distribution, membership to services, gift certificates and headphones.

The International Songwriting Competition is also open for early bird entries to the 2021 competition. Information can be found at

For the complete list of semi-finalist, CLICK HERE.