Top Local Artist Moments of 2016: Number 17


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17. Zoo Riots at Rifflandia 2016- This is a Coliseum (September 16, 2016)

Zoo Riots are a band that have been on my radar for a little over a year. With a couple former members of The Archers and lead singer from 222, their sound is quite a bit different from their former bands, but still contains the harmonies The Archers were known for and the slight edge that 222 had. I first saw them in 2015 opening for Finger Eleven, an opportunity they had won a contest for. A moment from that show probably would have made the top 20 list last year had it not been a show that happened on Halloween with the band in costumes. This year I got to cover them in more normal situations and was really impressed with the “frontman charisma” Justin Campbell has on stage. Their debut EP was released in April 2016, and they have more new music on the way in 2017.

Zoo Riots:

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