The following is Magmazing Music‘s Top 20 Local Artist Moments of 2016. All of the videos featured in this Top 20 were all shot by Magmazing Music and are his personal favourites of the year. This list is not meant to represent all music in Victoria which is why it is not the “Victoria Music Scene’s Top 20…” It is based on one person’s coverage and clearly misses a number of genres.

If anyone in the Victoria Music Scene have their own favourite moments of 2016 recap to share they are welcome to contribute their list.

Another year and another 300+ artists/bands covered at various music festivals and venues both in and outside of Victoria. As always, picking just 20 bands/artists to showcase has been extremely difficult with so many to choose from. There’s a lot of factors that go into my decision making as I skim through hundreds of songs recorded on video. Some questions I ask myself include, “Did something new or unique happen?” “Did the artist artist achieve anything significant outside the performance?” “Did a new artist make me take notice?” “Have I been given clearance to share the video?”

That last question has been the biggest challenge. This year, more than ever, a number of bands have either forgotten to respond with a definite yes or no when I send video links privately for consideration or the videos get completely unwatched. There were also a few artists that requested to not have any footage from this year be shared online. The irony is that a couple would have made it as high as my top 10, but it’s my policy to always respect the artists’ wishes as they know their music best and I only want to present them in a way they feel shows them in the best light. I would much rather get a blanket “no thanks” than be left hanging not knowing if footage can be shared or should be deleted.

Anyway, enough first world problems. Let’s get to this year’s Top 20. Click the link below to start exploring in order or click any of the thumbnails to skip to select spots.