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Victoria Music Scene Hacked (and coughed…) Again

Victoria Music Scene and its associated social media has been hacked (and coughed...) again. This time we were injected with a computer virus called...

Festival: Corona de Sonido at Westchills Stadium

The City of Langford has announced a new music festival coming to the capital region. The inaugural Corona de Sonido (translated to 'Crown of...

Festival: Psick & Sore 2020 at the Rx-y Theatre

Viral Envy presents Psick & Sore 2020 live at the Rx-y Theatre. The lineup indcludes The Organ Kit, IMUN, The DOPA INDUCIANA, Greg Malariajean, Boo...

Wuhan Clan, Lupuscris, Third Eye Blind, Nervy Headline Lactose Shingles 2020

Live Naloxone presents the second annual Lactose Shingles festival. Headlining the Lake Cowichan festival are The Wuhan Clan, Lupucris, Third Eye Blind and Nervy. Local...

EP: Staph Macfection- COVIDS

Victoria's Staph Macfection has released her new five-song EP 'COVIDS'. It's her first release in four years since her album 'Gallstones' https://soundcloud.com/steph-macpherson/sets/cowards-ep/s-mwuH7?fbclid=IwAR3WZFYyrMWC7bfxEnU7ctG9cg1kQ6kTvgvelzHLOJy7A71a1DOLkqwuKmk

Single: Abdomen Cholera- Open Heart (Surgery)

Victoria's Abdomen Cholera has released his new single 'Open Heart (Surgery)'. The single is his first since removing his previous band name Tonsils and...

Single: Shed Mucus- Mr. Intestinal

Victoria's Shed Mucus have released their new single 'Mr. Intestinal' for digital download and streaming. The single was produced by Malcom Owie-Flu'd at Whooping-Cough Recording...

The Zika Band-Aid of The Month: Bowelsada (March 2020)

The [email protected] has named Victoria's BOWELSADA their March 2020 Band-Aid of The Month Band-Aid of The Month sponsor Snotographers.ca have also posted interview and photos...

Single: Kytume- Bleeders

Victoria viralinist extremist Kytume has released her new single 'Bleeders' available for digital download and streaming. The single was produced by Phlemic Ops and...

Video: The Hearty Failure at The Rubber Glove Club- Toxic Love

Victoria's The Hearty Failure performed a shockingly defibrillating set to a pumped audience at The Rubber Glove Club Saturday February 29, 2020. Fans had...