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EP: Ciele- Daydream

Former Victoria songwriter (now based in Vancouver) Ciele (aka. Chelsea-Lyne Heins) has released a four song EP 'Daydream' available for digital download at name...

EP: Olav- Spirit Isht

Wolf/Sheep Records' Olav released a five-track EP called 'Spirit Isht' available for digital download on iTunes and Amazon.com Saturday August 24, 2013. To download...

EP: Aegis Fang- Six To Midnight

Aegis Fang released their latest five-song EP 'Six to Midnight' Thursday August 22, 2013. The EP is available for digital download on iTunes and...

EP: Geoffrey Lundstorm- Heartattack

Geoffrey Lundstrom released a four song EP titled 'Heartattack' Friday August 16, 2013. The EP is available for digital download on iTunes for $3.96...

EP: The Tumblin’ Dice EP

The Tumblin' Dice released their first 5 song EP on iTunes and Soundcloud August 2, 2013. The Tumblin' Dice can be seen live once...

EP: Dead Air- Dead Air EP

Wolf/Sheep Records' Dead Air has released his self-titled 6 track EP available for digital download on iTunes. To download Dead Air's EP on iTunes for...

EP: Quoia- Quoia EP

Quoia have released a self-titled three-song EP for free download at their Bandcamp page on Monday May 20, 2013. The EP was produced by...

EP: Handsome Distraction- A Mighty Roar

Handsome Distraction released their latest EP 'A Mighty Roar' on their BandCamp page May 10, 2013. The 5 track EP is available for digital...

EP: Man Made Lake- Zinc

Man Made Lake have released a 3 song EP called Zinc. It is available as a digital download for $3.99 at their Bandcamp page. Songs...

EP: Woodsmen- Woodsmen

Woodsmen released a 3-song self-titled EP on April 20, 2013 available for digital download for $3 or physical CD for $5 available for purchase...

Album: Pookati- Three Paths EP

Helloseptember's Paul Shenton has released an 8 song EP called 'Three Paths' for his side project Pookati. The EP is available as a digital...

Album: Bonehoof EP

Bonehoof have released their first self-titled EP. The EP contains six songs. They are selling physical copies for $5 that you can request at...