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Album: Jon and Roy- By My Side

Jon and Roy released their latest album 'By My Side' Friday May 28, 2014. The seven song album is available on iTunes and jonandroy.ca. To...

Free Music: Vince Vaccaro- Oceans

Vince Vaccaro is offering his 'Oceans' EP for "name your own price" on Bandcamp. The EP was originally released in November of 2011. He...

Single: LIINKS- The Break

LIINKS, a new music project by Victoria's Georgia Murray and DWhiz, have released their first single 'The Break' under the new name for free...

Album: Shoestring Bourbon- Shoestring Bourbon

Shoestring Bourbon have released their debut self-titled 7-song album available for digital download at "name your own price" or $10 CD on Bandcamp. To download...

Free Music: Sunhawk- The She-Snake Shuffle

Victoria's Sunhawk released a new song 'The She-Snake Shuffle' for free download on SoundCloud Sunday January 26, 2014. To download Sunhawk's 'The She-Snake Shuffle' on...

EP: Fields & Streets- Common Sights

Fields & Streets released their EP 'Common Sights' on October 8, 2013. The five song EP is available for digital download for $5 on...

News: Davenport Launch Indiegogo Campaign to Fund EP Release

Victoria band Davenport have launched an Indiegogo capaign to help fund the release of their EP. Donations of any amount will be awarded with...

EP: FallBrigade- Greater North

FallBrigade released their first EP 'Greater North' Saturday September 21, 2013. The six song EP is available for digital download on iTunes for $5.94. To...

Album: Weezer- Rock the Shores (Official Bootleg)

Weezer has released an official live bootleg recording of their performance at Rock The Shores 2013 available for digital download for $10 at their...

Album: Danton Jay- Morcenx

Danton Jay officially released his new album 'Morcenx' at a Album release party at Copper Owl Wednesday July 24, 2013. The 11 song album...

Single: Sunhawk- Stolen Glances

Sunhawk released their new single 'Stolen Glances' July 17, 2013 available for digital download on iTunes. To download 'Stolen Glances' for $0.99 on...

Album: Juno Beach- Another State of Mind

Juno Beach have released their debut album 'Another Stat of Mind' on Bandcamp. The 12 track album is available for digital download for $9 To...