Music Streams

Single: Dance on Plants- Wake in The Woods (feat. Jake Holm)

Dance on Plants have released a new track 'Wake in The Woods' available to stream on Soundcloud. The track features vocals by Jake Holm. To...

Single: Mike Edel- Blue Above The Green

Mike Edel has released new single 'Blue Above the Green' from his forthcoming album 'India, Seattle' available to stream on Soundcloud. The new album...

Single: ZERBIN- Ibiza / Burdens

ZERBIN have released 'Ibiza / Burdens' a new single off their upcoming LP 'Darlings' available to stream at To listen to ZERBIN's 'Ibiza...

Single: Deep Sea Gypsies- Woke Up With The Blues (feat. Jesse...

Deep Sea Gypsies have released their 3rd single from their forthcoming EP 'Cedar Hill X Rd' called 'Woke Up With The Blues' available to...

Single: The Beautiful Wild- I Know

The Beautiful Wild have released their debut single 'I Know' available to stream at CBC Music. To listen to The Beautiful Wild's single 'I Know'...

Single: Vince Vaccaro- Forever Loving Arms

Vince Vaccaro has released a new single 'Forever Loving Arms' available to stream on his SoundCloud. The single will be on his upcoming album...

Single: Miami Nights 1984- Accelerated

Miami Nights 1984 has released the first track off his new upcoming album to stream on SoundCloud. The new track is called 'Accelerated'. To listen...

Single: Deep Sea Gypsies- Cherry Red

Deep Sea Gypsies have released their latest single 'Cherry Red' to stream on SoundCloud. The band performs at Friday Novembe 14, 2014 To listen...

Single: LABS- Brave

LABS have released another new track called 'Brave' available to stream on their SoundCloud. To listen to LABS' song 'Brave' on SoundCloud, CLICK HERE. or the...

New Music: Mindil Beach- Running Wild

Mindil Beach have released a brand new song called 'Running Wild' to listen to on YouTube. Mindil Beach:

New Music: Current Swell Stream New Song ‘Rollin”

Current Swell have released a new song 'Rollin'' on SoundCloud to stream. The song will be on their new album set for release in...

Stream Acres of Lions’ New Album ‘Home’

Acres of Lions new album 'Home' will officially be released April 2, 2013, but in the meantime has posted the full album to...