In a heartbreaking announcement at the end of the eight o’clock hour Thursday morning, The [email protected] morning show host Dylan Willows announced it was his final show after 16 years with the station.

Willows has been battling a reoccurrence of a rare form of ocular cancer called uveal melanoma. He had previously beat the same cancer two decades years ago at the cost of his left eye. Willows told listeners that this time treatment isn’t working.

He initially announced his cancer diagnosis on December 1, 2023 before taking a more than a month off to receive treatment. He returned to the morning show on a limited basis on January 8th.

Willows is facing a terminal cancer diagnosis. He will now spend time with his family.

“Unfortunately for me, this is it,” he said. “It’s a hard goodbye for me, it really is. It’s the end of the most consistent thing I’ve really ever had in my entire life.”

The former Claremont Secondary grad has had a huge presence in Victoria’s music industry. Not only was he the host of one of Victoria’s longest running local radio morning shows with co-host Jason Lamb, the 44-year-old was also a co-founder of the Vancouver Island Cultural Festival (VIC Fest) that ran at St. Ann’s Academy from 2011 to 2014 and was part of an ownership group that owned Capital Ballroom from 2016 to 2019.

Since the announcement, an outpouring of love and support has flooded social media.