Victoria singer-songwriter and singer for progressive rock band Spaceport Union has died. She was 53.

In a post made to social media, her husband Adam Basterfield (also of Spaceport Union and Pink Floyd tribute band PIGS) announced that her lengthy and difficult battle with cancer had come to an end on the morning of April 11, 2023.

“She meant the world to me, and touched the lives of so many people, especially in the music scene we were part of,” said Basterfield in a Facebook post. “Caroline was the most beautiful, loving, selfless and determined person I ever knew, and we shared a beautiful life together. She made me a better musician and, more importantly, a better, more loving and compassionate person.”

Spence and Basterfield formed Spaceport Union in 2010 and they last performed on stage in Duncan in June 2021. The band won a Vancouver Island Music Award in 2013 for Song of The Year for their single ‘Fueled by Consequence’.

Prior to that, Spence’s other music projects included Crimson Star in 2008, the Caroline Spence Band in 2005 and Toronto melodic folk-pop band äiti maa formed in March in 1996.

A GoFundMe to help pay for Spence’s dying wish of a green burial has surpassed its goal of $13,150.