Victoria producers Cold Fame have released their new single ‘Loved You Too Much’ featuring ROYAL available for digital download and streaming.

It’s the third release for the duo of Victoria musicians Damian Anthony and Cody Dalman.

‘Loved You Too Much’ is part of the duo’s upcoming EP ‘Collective’ that will be released in singles with each track having a different featured artist.

The song features Vernon, BC singer-songwriter ROYAL on guest vocals. ROYAL (aka Jodi Peterson) was a finalist in the 2014 Peak Performance Project.

In a media release, Cold Fame describes the song’s structure as, “Combining indie-pop drumbeats and guitar melodies with moody and ambient textures. It tells the story about holding back and not acting on love due to the fear of risking the relationship and instead always falling for the wrong ones.”

To download/stream Cold Fame’s ‘Loved You Too Much’ on available platforms, CLICK HERE.

Cold Fame: