Gainesville, Florida’s Hot Water Music brought their 25th Anniversary tour to Victoria’s Capital Ballroom Friday April 15, 2022.

The band performed a 17 song set of fan favourites from albums ‘Caution’, ‘No Division’, ‘Feed The Void’, ‘A Flight and a Crash’, ‘Exister’ and ‘Fuel For The Hate Game’. Hot Water Music also performed four songs from their latest album ‘Feel The Void’ including ‘Turn The Dial’, a song written by The Flatliners’ Chris Creeswell who is now a a permanent member of the band.

Before the final two songs of the show, singer/guitarist Chuck Ragan gave a special shout out to Victoria’s Matt Goud (aka. Northcote) during their final thank yous on stage saying “…And last but not least, our dear dear brother. Your very own Matt Goud. The mayor of the island as I hear…”

Throughout the set fans packed the dance floor jumping along to the music and at times there was some crowd surfing.

Opening the night was Victoria’s Acres of Lions who took to the stage of Capital Ballroom for the first time since December of 2018.

Early on in the set Jeff Kalesnikoff exclaimed, “Some people thought we were dead. Jokes on them.”

The band performed a 10-song set that included some new music and some songs that have been heard live before but are still unreleased along with a few known songs from their three albums ‘Collections’, ‘Working’, and ‘Home(s)’. Noticeably absent from their set was arguably their most known song ‘Reaction’, but the audience full of fans and friends didn’t seem to mind. They were happy just to see Acres of Lions performing live again.

Full photo coverage can be seen in the gallery below or on our Facebook Page

Hot Water Music Setlist
1. Remedy
2. Free Radio Gainesville
3. Better Sense
4. Killing Time
5. I Was on a Mountain
6. Wayfarer
7. Collect Your Things and Run
8. State of Grace
9. Turn The Dial
10. Jack of All Trades
11. Paper Thin
12. Habitual
13. Drag My Body
14. Moonpies for Misfits
15. Choked and Separated
16. Turnstile
17. Trusty Chords

Acres of Lions Setlist
1. Coronado’s Dead
2. Margins
3. Habits
4. Let’s Get Sentimental
5. Bright Lights
6. Heat
7. Mercedes
8. Dance Sequence
9. All Your Time
10. Jawbreaker