Music Video: Neon Jesus- Red Lips


Victoria’s Neon Jesus has released a music video for his single ‘Red Lips’.

‘Red Lips’ is described as fusing blues-inspired guitar with the relentless pulse of electronic dance music.

Neon Jesus got the idea to meld the two genres together during a time he lived in New York where he noticed he noticed a significant significant difference in reaction at live music shows.

“I’d be out at a rock show and while people were attentive and taking everything in, the crowd’s reaction was rather lackluster, even amid great artists before them,” said Neon Jesus. “But then I’d head to a rave in Brooklyn and it struck me that people there were uninhibited and just generally more invested in what they were listening to. That was when I started to wonder what would happen if someone were to bring the two genres together.”

The music video was shot in New York on super 8 film to help highlight the song’s sinister undertones.

“With the video, we were trying to capture the sensation where love slips into obsession followed by a sudden darkness, where only the Lord can save you from its clutches.”

To download/stream Neon Jesus’ ‘Red Lips’ on available platforms, CLICK HERE.

Neon Jesus: