Music Video: Ajay Friese- Blackberry


Victoria’s Ajay Friese has released a music video for his single ‘Blackberry’.

The video was shot in Santa Maria and Los Angeles California by Friese’s Lost in Space castmate Mina Sundwall and is based on a story from Friese’s childhood.

The video asks the question what does it feel like to hold on to a lie that chases you everywhere you go?

“I played Blackberry for Mina when we were filming season 3 of Lost in Space,” said Ajay Friese. “We’d chatted briefly about the back story: about how I wrote the song in middle school, after having accidentally set fire to the hill behind my house; about how I lied and kept quiet about it all summer long until I finally confessed by writing my mom a letter and tucking it into her dresser. I told Mina about the wonderful release that came with revealing that secret. then she called out of the blue a few months later, not just with a vision, but with a fully detailed treatment for the music video.”

Sundwall makes her narrative directional debut with the ‘Blackberry’ music video.

When I first heard the song, I saw this story – the isolation of holding onto a secret that won’t let you go, like being chased through a world with no way out and needed to tell it,” said Mina Sundwall. “I’m grateful that Ajay trusted my vision enough to let me throw him down sand dunes and rush him across landscapes.”

‘Blackberry’ is the latest single from Friese’s debut independently released EP ‘light a match… then run’.

To download/stream Ajay Friese’s ‘Blackberry on available platforms, CLICK HERE.

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