Victoria’s Leeroy Stagger has released his new single ‘Does Anybody Live Here?’ available for digital download and streaming.

It is Stagger’s second single from his upcoming album ‘Dystopian Weekends’ and explores the pain of a broken heart.

“Last year some close friends decided to break it off after a few years of a joined life together,” said Stagger. “As a writer, I’ve always been able to put myself into most others shoes and empathetically feel those feelings. That moment as it all goes down, if we are enlightened enough, it can go fairly smoothly. If we aren’t, it can be a real mess of tension and tears. This situation was no different from most breakups. Everybody can relate to a broken heart – the melancholy and pain of a separation. My job as a songwriter is to distill those feelings into a four-minute song.

‘Dystopian Weekends’ will be released October 1, 2021.

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Leeroy Stagger: