EP: Sarah Osborne- Seasons Volume One // The Heat


Victoria’s Sarah Osborne has released her new four-song EP ‘Seasons Volume One // The Heat’ available for digital download and streaming.

The EP is the first of a series of four mini albums that will be released seasonally over the next year. ‘The Heat’ represents the summer season.

Osborne has released music videos for two songs on the EP. A video for the first single ‘Fire Moon’ was released in late June and was shost by Lukas Hyman. A music video for ‘Let It Rain’ was shot on June 28th during BC’s historic “heat dome” heatwave. That video was produced by Brother Sea Productions.

To download/stream Sarah Osborne’s ‘Seasons Volume One // The Heat’ on available platforms, click any of the following: Bandcamp | Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

Sarah Osborne: http://www.sarahosbornemusic.com